10 Tips For Traveling to the Caribbean

10 Tips For Traveling to the Caribbean

·         Expect rain: There is a reason why the Caribbean is so lush and green, and that’s because it rains. A LOT. However, its tropical rain, so it comes and goes within minutes. It was suppose to rain everyday we were there (which I obviously freaked out about) but, it was just a few light showers.

·         Invest in an Anti-Humidity hair product: If your hair is anything like mine, than it frizzes… fast! Any sign of moisture makes my perfectly curled hair into a puffy and frizzy mess. The Caribbean is humid, so bring a hair product that will be able to fight off that moisture!

·         Eat and Drink everything: Calories shouldn’t count on vacation. Eat the local food and have a few beers if you want too! Are you more likely to remember a delicious flavorful jerk chicken burger or a stupid, unsatisfying garden salad?

·         Take Public Transportation: Not only is it wayyy cheaper, but it’s also a cooler way to have a cultural experience. Yes, you might look like a fish out of water, but awkward moments make for good stories!

·         Do the Hot Spot Tours: Every country I have been to have tours that give you a little taste of everything. Especially when you don’t know where to go, these tours allow you to visit the hot spots of their country for usually a reasonable price. Plus, you don’t have to worry about getting different taxi drivers throughout the day because these tour drivers stay and wait for you while you adventure.

·         Pack minimally but include the essentials: I always tend to over pack. It’s a horrible habit of mine, but I hate the feeling of not having something when I need it. However, I learned that the more you pack, the more stuff you have to haul around all day. (Which usually means the more stuff the boyfriend has to haul around all day). I found it’s better to pack lighter, but still keep the essentials. Meaning ditch the portable speaker, leave the reading book that you know you’re not going to read at home, and don’t even think about bringing your makeup bag. All you really need is sunblock, glasses, money, water, and of course a camera!

·         Beach Chairs aren’t free: Unfortunately. Expect to pay at least $15-$20 to rent a beach chair for the day.

·         Keep your stuff in sight: It’s so easy for someone to just walk by and steal your belongings when you’re out in the water. Keep your stuff in sight and cover with a towel. Nothing puts a damper on your day than when your things get stolen because of carelessness.

·         Don’t Be Late To the Boat: If you’re on a cruise and they tell you to be back by 5:30 pm… Then be back by 5:30pm!! This is crucial! They will leave you. Casey and I watched this happen to a couple from our balcony when we were in St Thomas. Not going to lie though, it was hilarious (I’m horrible, I know).

·         Enjoy the Moment: We all want those awesome Instagram pics (trust me I am so guilty of this), however we have to remember to live in the moment and not in our phones! One of my favorite bloggers, Sivan Alya, has said how “it’s a vacation, not a location for blog/ insta posts”. I know it’s hard (trust me I do) when you want that cute pic by the palm tree drinking a coconut. However, maybe designate some time like 10/15 minutes to getting all those cute pics you want and then putting you phone away for the rest of the day.

xx Shay


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