5 Tips For Finding That Perfect Bikini

5 Tips For Finding That Perfect Bikini

Can you believe that spring is just around the corner!? That means blooming flowers, sunny days, and B I K I N I S. With those beach days fast approaching, the perfect little cute suit is a must have. Being a beach bum and an honorary member of BAA meetings (Bikinis Addict Anonymous), here are some of my personal tips in finding the perfect bikini:


1) Wear the bikini, don’t let it wear you: Find colors that complement your skin tone. Color choice is always difficult, yet crucial. Colors help enhance our beauty and complement our features. Here are the best colors to choose if you’re fair, medium, or dark skin toned:

  • Fair skin tone: baby blue, peach, and green
  • Medium skin tone: citrus colors (burnt orange, yellow) olive green, and maroon
  • Dark skin tone: bright red, periwinkle, orange, turquoise, and black

2) Read between the tan lines: Now, I know that all those strappy tops and one pieces are trending right now, but what about the tan lines they leave behind!? If you’re spending most of your days in the sun, I recommend finding a suit that isn’t too busy with straps in the back, ties on the side, and cutouts. It may be cute that day you’re wearing it, however the next day you’ll regret those crazy back tan lines when you want to wear that backless dress for date night.

3) Discounts are our new best friend: If we can agree on one thing, I think it would be that bikinis are ridiculously expensive! (You would think they would be cheaper since your wearing less material…) Just because we think bikinis are overpriced, doesn’t mean the price point is going to change anytime soon. The best alternative is to look for discount promotions—trust me they are always going on! Following bikini companies on Instagram is a great way to find out when discount promotions are happening. A few sites that I follow which have consistent discount promotions (and carry tons of designer swimwear) are @ishine365 and @vidasoleil.

4) Too tight, just ain’t right: Find the bikini that fits your body type. It’s not that cute when the bikini is noticeably too tight. My favorite type of bathing suit has always been the ones that tie. Since the ties are adjustable, I’m able to tighten them to lay perfectly on my hip (extremely helpful for those days when I eat too many fries at the local beach shack).

5) Say no to the diaper butt: We all know I love my extra cheeky bikini bottoms, but I understand that cheeky may not be everyone’s preference. If you choose to wear a more full coverage bikini bottom, make sure that the middle does not droop. This is the worst! Overtime, salt water and chlorine pool water loosen the material of a swimsuit. Since full coverage means more material, the bottoms tend to droop quicker and stretch out. This turns your perfect peach into an unflattering diaper butt. Not saying don’t wear full coverage bottoms, but beware of the droop! In order to avoid the droop, always wash your bikinis in fresh water and let them air dry immediately after a day at the beach or pool.

xx Shay


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