8 Tips For Traveling To Hawaii

8 Tips For Traveling To Hawaii

1) Try a Lava Flow cocktail- looking for a drink that tastes just as good as it looks!? The Lava Flow drink (that actually originated in Hawaii) is my go-to vacation cocktail– it never disappoints! It is a mix of a Pina Colada and Strawberry Daiquiri. YUM! The perfect drink to keep those vacation vibes flowing and your dancing feet going.

2) A GoPro is a necessity- If you don’t have a gopro already, I would definitely invest in one before your upcoming Hawaii trip! With the amount of sea life along the coast, a plain old camera is not going to suffice. Since gopro’s are water proof and made to endure adventure, they are perfect for getting up close and personal with dolphins, turtles, fish etc.

3) Don’t even think about wearing a Hawaiian shirt- Like really? Who invented this trend? Do not embarrass yourself and wear a Hawaiian shirt just because you are in Hawaii. Burn it, trash it–do anything but wear it! Might as well put a sticker on your forehead saying “cliché tourist”. (Hey little sis! This tip is meant for you!)

4) Visit Lanikai Beach on Oahu- This isn’t just a tip, but a MUST DO! Might want to bring some Kleenex because not only will you cry over Lanikai’s surreal beauty, but you’ll also shed a tear when you realize you can’t stay here forever!

5) Hit the local juice bars and coconut shacks- Local juice bars and coconut shacks put Jamba Juice to shame! Not only does it tastes 10000x better (and so much fresher), but it also gives a more authentic cultural experience when you know the produce is local.

6) Expect to pay double the prices when dining in Waikiki Beach, Oahu- Really, $18 for a plain old burger!? (You would think this burger is made of gold or something!) Since Waikiki is a hot spot for tourists and has plenty of beach front restaurants, don’t be surprised when the bill comes and it’s more than you expected!

7) Sunblock is your new best friend- This is an obvious tip, however most people forget to apply the sunblock (or maybe just my family does). There is nothing more cringe worthy than a red lobster face and peeling back—and I know we have all been there before…

8) Eat “Hawaiian Host Milk Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts”- These are my absolute favorite kind of chocolate treats. They are mouthwatering and delicious! If you have a sweet tooth like me, than these chocolates are sure to satisfy it.



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