Laguna Beach: Packing Guide

Laguna Beach: Packing Guide

Summer hasn’t officially started until you make that first trip down to the Orange County coast!

Laguna is one of the most gorgeous places that California has to offer. With their crystal clear water and beautiful rock formations and cliffs–once you go to LB…no other beach in California can really compare. When packing for this beach paradise, you definitely want to take your cutest suit and a perfect beachy outfit to match, but definitely don’t slack on packing all those beach essentials like sunblock and tanning oil!!

Here is my packing guide to a Laguna Beach day trip with all my personal beach essentials:

  1. Vitamin A bikini (new and obsessed!!)
  2. Sunblock and Tanning oil (because everything looks better when your tan)
  3. Big Mexican blanket
  4. YsTruly sunglasses
  5. Target short brimmed hat
  6. Picnic basket stocked with champs, orange juice, & fruit (because mimosas make everything more fun)
  7. Nikon camera
  8. Surf Glam “Merbabe Vibes” Sweater
  9. Urban Outfitters portable speaker
  10. Target Multi-colored Tote Beach Bag
  11. Makeup (yes, makeup. Because once I am out of the water I looked like a washed up sea creature)
  12. Anthropologie Olivine Atelier Love + Salt Mist (to ensure those beachy waves)


&& definitely can not forget an upbeat list of songs for the drive down south!

Top Songs for Summer Playlist:

The Wave (ft Madcon) by Matoma

Stay (ft Maty Noyes) by Kygo

Tired of Talking by Leon

Leave Her Behind by WeAreTreo


xx Shay

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