What’s In My Bag

What’s In My Bag

Every day essentials for that every day girl on-the-go.

Guys may think we hold tons of secrets in our purses, however all girls really carry is the essentials. Here is a look into my bag and what items I need to have on me daily–or else I couldn’t survive.

  • Lip gloss/ chapstick

o   Also known as the items that always go missing! I probably have tons of chapsticks and lip glosses hidden in between car seats or stuffed in the back of drawers. A girl must always keep their lips looking plump and moisturized—unless you’re going for the corpse look ( but, to each their own).

  • Orbit gum

o   Bad breath is a MAJOR turn off!!  Honestly tho, doesn’t matter if you are the hottest supermodel in the world.. cause if I smell bbq chicken pizza reeking from your mouth… you aint hot no mo’. I always try to sneak a piece a gum at work after my lunch break or even right before an interview/meeting. If there is one thing I try to prevent, it is definitely people thinking that I have bad hygiene habits.

  • Wallet

o   Sometimes I wish I could just leave my wallet at home! My wallet is like the devil on my shoulder who is constantly telling me to buy stuff that I DO NOT NEED. However, at least I’m spending in style. I absolutely adore my Kate Spade wallet (not just because it’s a beautiful shade of turquoise), but because it’s a perfect size and has plenty of card slots and zippers. For those who stuff things in their wallet like me… this is a lifesaver.

  • Ear phones

o   Always! I tend to go to the gym in a hurry and like to make sure I know exactly where my earphones are at all times. Without music at the gym, working out turns into me aimlessly walking around being bored out of my mind. Got to have those earphones to keep me pumped & motivated!

  • Sunglasses

o   Normally I don’t tend to use these as often, but I keep them in my bag for “just in case” reasons. Like, “just in case” I had a cry fest in my car after a sad song, or “just in case” I wanted to do some people watching and not have them notice. Most people use glasses for style purposes, me on the other hand use them as a coverup or stalking material 😉 (I probably just made myself sound crazy).

  • Hair clips

o   Another item that always seems to go missing… Hair clips are essential to have during hot summer days—I can’t leave the house without one. I also have a horrible habit of splitting my ends, so a quick clipped up bun helps to not tempt me.

  • Pen and notebook

o   I am a total planner and love making lists. Even though I can easily put my thoughts and notes into my iPhone, I still prefer to personally write it out. Keeps me organized and keeps me on track.

  • Traffic Tickets

o   Let’s be honest… for people that suck at driving (aka me), this is definitely something I keep in my bag—obviously not by choice lol.  Once you get one ticket, I swear, they just keep on coming! Help…


xx Shay

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