Reflecting on Summer ’16

Reflecting on Summer ’16

Summer has officially ended & school has unfortunately started.

Time to trade my beach bags for school bags because summer has quickly come & gone and fall is fast approaching. But, this summer was without a doubt one for the books! So many opportunities & adventures filled my days with laughs, beauty, & knowledge. Below is some aspects of this summer that have stood out to me the most– whether that be what I have learned, done, or realized.

  •  I realized— I love where I live! Southern California may have its pros & cons, but I am so grateful that I live close enough to tons of beautiful places. Since I didn’t get a glamourous vacay this summer… Laguna, Malibu, and Catalina have definitely filled that void. Going to these beach paradises only inspire me to travel more & see what else the world has to offer!


  • I have learned— that I need to lower my expectations & need to just go with the flow. I am a highly organized person & when things don’t go my way, or as planned, I freak out. Not saying that’s a bad thing, but it makes my life more stressful and effects the people around me. I am still a work in progress, but recognizing the issue is the first step towards growth right!?


  • I have done— so many things this summer regarding career opportunities (KTLA, Internships at Mate the Lable & Sivan Ayla, being in a music video, modeling gigs). It showed me that when I put myself out there, more doors open. I have spent this summer immersing myself into things I love to do & working towards making a career out of it. When it has come to blogging, modeling, styling etc.. I have had such great opportunities in these aspects & am so grateful for them! It has taught me hard work, the business side of things, time management, and made me more knowledgeable. If I have one recommendation for my readers, it is to not hold back and really put yourself out there. Things don’t just come to you when you wait for them, you have to work for them & go for what you want! With that said,  I hope to only grow from here!


  •  I have realized— the kind of people I want to surround myself with. As you get older, friendships seem to disintegrate because of schedules, priorities, & lack of things in common anymore. The ones that stick around are usually the ones that are your biggest supporters & people who want to genuinely enjoy life with you. The friends in my life right now have been my adventure buddies and helped to make this summer beyond memorable. I have realized that I want to be around people who lift my spirits up & don’t make life a competition. When life continues to get stressful, I am fortunate enough that I have friends who just want to have fun & be there for each other. #1 rule to live by: quality over quantity.


  • I have learned— I have a crazy and sick obsession with Poke bowls! I have had poke bowls probably at least 3-4 times a week. I’m addicted!! I don’t know how this summer was my first time trying one! Not only do I love ahi tuna, but mixing that with rice, sauce, crispy onions, & mango becomes a combo that is easily unavoidable. My  wallet may be hating me, but my stomach is having a Poke parade every time I eat it!


  •  I have done— something that I never thought was physically possible… I actually go to the gym! Now this one is a game changer. After months of never using my gym membership & constantly complaining about my lack of fitness (skinny doesn’t mean fit people), I finally decided to take some action! I go to 24 hour fitness and love taking the classes there. Not only am I working towards a healthier lifestyle, but it is teaching me dedication & hard work. Plus, a bunch of my friends have memberships as well, so we basically turned “Hey, want to go the mall?”  to “Hey, lets go to Pilates at 8!”.


xx Shay

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