True Life of a Skinny Girl

True Life of a Skinny Girl

Hello, my name is Shay Carrillo and I am a Skinny Girl (as if you couldn’t already tell). In life, there are pros and cons to everything. Yes, there are even cons to being skinny. Sure, I love being thin and eating whatever I want, however sometimes justifying why I’m skinny gets old & redundant.

I would never change my body type (jk, I would love some abs), but overall I am very happy with my body & wouldn’t change being skinny for anything. Below are some pros & cons to being a “stick”:


  • 1) I have been blessed with the ability to scarf down buffets without looking like I ate a 6 month old child. I’ll take 1 bread roll, a scoop of pasta, some fries on the side, & a steak doused in BBQ. Oh, & still leave some room for that Crème Brule. Getting to eat whatever I want is definitely satisfying in more areas than one (except when the stomach ache kicks in)…
  • 2) We can squeeze into small spaces. For example, elevator wait lines are no trouble for us skinny girls. Sometimes being the thinnest one has its perks. If there is 10 people in the elevator and there is one small sliver of a space..  you bet your dollar that I am squeezing in that pocket hole. Being thin def helps when you’re on a time crunch and cant waste anytime.
  • 3) Clothes that you’ve had since highschool basically never went into retirement (unless it went out of style). There are some shorts that I have had for 7 plus years and that’s because they miraculously still fit me! Talk about a money saver!
  • 4) We get to live in layers during fall/winter. Some people stay away from piling on too many layers because it accentuates a wider appearance. For us skinny girls, we can pack on the “extra meat” (if you will). I am all about that tank top with a long sleeve, then adding a plaid button up with a jean jacket to finish it off.
  • 5) You get drunk a lot faster which is very helpful for those ballin’ on a budget. While     you are guzzling down drinks and spending a fortune… 2 drinks and I’m good to go!


  • 1) Being mistaken for having an eating disorder. I absolutely hate this & think its blatantly rude. Yes, people ask only out of concern, however it is also very hurtful to think that someone thinks we look sick! Associating skinny to a eating disorder is discriminatory and disrespectful– especially to those who actually have the disease. I will never forget when my 9th grade English teacher pulled me aside to tell me she was concerned for my health. I looked at her dumbfounded by the question because not only was I completely heathy, but I had also just finished eating a pizza, a cookie, and hot cheetos at lunch. I don’t think those are signs of a girl who doesn’t like food…. Just because we are thin, doesn’t mean food is not on our minds all day people! Even typing this I am thinking about my 2nd dinner…
  • 2) Tight dresses, really baggy sweaters, or jeans that don’t fit us perfectly are things we need to stay away from. I don’t want to look like I disappear or show my ribs in a too tight dress, or have a saggy butt in jeans that don’t hug the right places, and I definitely don’t want to be swallowed up by a baggy sweater. Everyone has clothing that doesn’t flatter us well, and for skinny girls this is ours.
  • 3) Skinny girls always get stuck in the middle of the backseat in cars. Does anyone really enjoy being squished in between two people while driving for miles? I mean, I sure don’t,  but somehow I am always the one nominated to sit in the middle because “Schaeffer, you’re the skinniest”.
  • 4) The looks we get when we say we are going to workout. Asking a skinny girl why they work out when they are already thin is like asking Bill Gates why he still works even though he’s already the richest man in America. We continue to work out to improve ourselves! Whether that be to get more toned or to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Working out is good for everyone, no matter the body type.


xx Shay

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