“Seven Seas” Music Video

“Seven Seas” Music Video

Running down the beach & being all love-dovy in Ishaan Reyna’s latest song!

When you think of a love interest in a music video, you imagine the girl being cute, composed, and desirable. Who would of thought awkward and clumsy me would ever be considered a possible love interest for a music video! However, my friend Ishaan Reyna, an amazing singer/songerwriter/model, took a chance on me and really thought I was the perfect fit for his upcoming song.

“Seven Seas” by Ishaan Reyna is a fun and inspiring song about traveling the world and reminiscing on special moments throughout his travels. Of course, one of those special moments deal with young love and its overwhelming way of making you feel as if you are on cloud 9. Santa Monica pier was our setting for our cute love scene. It was so much fun to be a part of something so aspiring with people who are not only talented, but also hilarious!


I am so thankful to have this experience & hope you all enjoy the amazing sounds of Ishaan Reyna paired with the awesome cinematography skills of director Caleb des Cognets and Charlie Frey.


Xx Shay

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