Fall-ing into M. Fredric

Fall-ing into M. Fredric

Back in my highschool days, M. Fredric was known to have the cutest clothes in Calabasas. With that said, it is pretty cool to now be one of their website models.

They have recently undergone a whole new website revamp and are quickly getting on that social media marketing.

About once a week I go to their headquarters and shoot in their new product….basically it’s like I get to try on all these new clothes without having to go the mall. At first, I thought I would’ve been nervous to do this, however it quickly became a natural routine in front of the camera. Quick pose here, quick pose there and a little side smile and we got the perfect shot. It also helps to have @LaurelKlien (website coordinator) and Dan (product photographer) there to make the whole process way more fun.

Here are some of my favorite shots from the website & lifestyle content on their insta. Don’t forget to check out their website for the cutest new trends!!



xx Shay

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