Holiday Gift Wrapping

Holiday Gift Wrapping

It’s that time of year again….. It’s the time of packed mall parking lots, long lines at stores, stressed out family members, and of course overplayed holiday music. It’s “the most wonderful time of the year” but also the most craziest. In order to skip out on the crowds, I decided to get a head start on wrapping gifts… and of course, I couldn’t help but get a little creative while doing so.

I love being festive during the holidays which meant my gift wrapping materials would have to follow suit.  I spent the day grabbing all the necessary materials from my favorite craft and home stores. I had to see all my options so I went to TJMAXX, Michaels, World Market, & Home Goods (also know as the best places on earth). All of them, with the exception of World Market, gave me an affordable way to be creative. Which is awesome because the holiday season is already expensive enough.

In my opinion, your gift wrapping essentials should embody the holiday spirit. At first, I wanted to go for a black, gold, and white theme; however my sister quickly talked me out of it because she said color is more warm and inviting. Especially for the holiday season, I wanted my presents to look magical and sparkling, so I opted out of the neutral color palette.


My least favorite part about gift wrapping… is the actual gift wrapping! I can never seem to cut my wrapping paper straight or I use too much of it. I make it too bulky on the sides and the tape always seems to rip off the design. It is a huge chaotic mess of cuss words & throwing of scissors but, I never let my defeatists attitude get the best of me and usually am able to fake the presents looking perfectly wrapped. (By, faking I mean positioning the badly tapped side and uneven cuts towards the back or place under the better looking presents lol).


This year I decided to give my presents a little theme and added the gold glittered pinecones &  mistletoe pieces to create a woodsy feel. The paper fans in the background were a last minute buy that I thought added a little wow factor & really just tied in my whole magical smorgasbord of presents.


A few wrapping tips:

  • If you more of a fan of plain wrapping paper, dress it up with a pretty ribbon or twine. The little details make all the difference.
  • Be cost efficient with your wrapping materials. It goes in the trash anyways and is easily dismissed once opened. Better to buy material that is cute & affordable rather than spending a fortune on something that gets tossed immediately. Hint: that means stay away from the Papyrus store- no matter how tempting it may be.


xx Shay

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