Carrera Café

Carrera Café

A statement wall, customized foam art, and yummy baked goods…. hello, where have you been all my life Carrera Café! Yesterday I had one of the most cutest café experiences & can not wait to go back.

How I found this café was through a late night stroll on my Instagram feed. It’s my best source in finding new places because I follow a handful of bloggers that live in LA who find cute places like this for a living. (Not too shabby of a job). A few of them had posted pictures in front of this iconic wall so I called my friend immediately & told her we HAD to go.

The type of girl that gets this excited over a cute café is a term in Los Angeles called “Basic Bitch” & I definitely encompassed that yesterday. For those that don’t know what a BB is- it’s a girl who loves to style, brunch, and to take pics in front of walls & their coffee. Hey, I’ll embrace being a BB any day!


Keeping to the trendy vibes of LA, the café décor was simple and minimalist. I can always appreciate a good white interior especially when it’s channeling a European architectural style. A cute little feature in their café  is the light up sign that says “Ciao Bella”.


Now to get to the real reason why my friend @trewmullen & I made the hour long mission to this specific café. Carrera Cafe’s specialty is to do customized foam art on lattes. Yes, I said customized- meaning you can choose what you want them to create on your coffee. Is that not so cool!? Sure, I’ve seen latte art like a puppy design or a cute little swirl, but never have I seen the face of Elvis on someone’s coffee! They can do faces, sayings, objects etc… basically anything you want.

This is how the process work: When you walk in they will tell you to download an app. Once the app is downloaded, you pick a picture that you want on your latte to be transferred to their machine. The picture can be anything, however it has to be in black white in order to make the design come up darker on the latte. There is no extra charge for this design process.

Trew decided to get a picture of her boyfriend on her latte and I decided to get a few palm trees on mine. The picture of her boyfriend on her latte definitely had us laughing for a good couple of minutes!


I loved that Carrera Café specializes in customized foam art because it makes your coffee feel that much more personalized. Not to mention, it’s also way more fun to drink! I will definitely be planning another Carrera Café adventure in the near future…. mostly just so I can devour that delicious pistachio croissant again!!


xx Shay



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