What I’m Into This Week 1.16-1.22

What I’m Into This Week 1.16-1.22

Every week I tend to fall in love with a few items that are either recent purchases or have been attached to my hip all week. This is the first time I have done a “What I’m Into This Week” and I look forward to keeping it a weekly ritual.

A lot of the What I’m Into To will be items that I am crushing on that week, but I will also frequently include some random thoughts/ songs/ or books that I am consuming my time with.

Even though it’s still winter– this week I have been channeling my inner tropical vibes.


  • Stationary- Who doesn’t love starting the new year with a fresh new planner & notebook. Writing down your daily to-dos or what you have planned the upcoming week is such a productive way to stay on track. My planner is from a random gift store in DTLA that I paid wayyyyy too much for (always a sucker for anything blue). I love my new stationary because its portable & a perfect reflection of my personality.
  • Free People Dress- This dress was an impulsive buy to get me excited for my upcoming Mexico trip in April. Granted, I have 3 more months to prepare for my trip, but I got this on sale with an extra 40% off from Free People and could not pass it up. Especially since I can so picture myself in it with a killer tan, tequila sunrise in hand, basking under the Mexican sun!


  • BB Hair Protective Primer- For the ladies that are struggling with damaged hair, like me, I have found the holy grail! My friend recently showed me this when I was stressing out about the texture of my hair on New Years Eve. (I was having some beef with my curling iron at the time.) She sprayed some of this BB Protective Primer in my hair and within minutes… MINUTES… I instantly noticed a softer and shiner appearance. Literally the day after I made a quick stop at Sephora to grab a bottle! Use it before you straighten or blow dry and you can ensure a soft texture and lightweight feel on your hair.


  •  Palm Tree Swell Bottle- The constant “drink more water” reminder was definitely becoming an annoying repetitive phrase in my head. I know water has countless benefits like: a better complexion, helps with digestion, keeps you energized, etc etc. However, if water tasted as good as a Winter Dream Tea Latte from Coffee Bean…. then maybe I would be more prone to drinking it! To give myself some motivation to drinking more water, I bought this Swell bottle. Which is completely OVERPRICED, but has the best and trendiest designs to choose from. I got my Swell bottle on discount (thank gosh), and fell in love with the palm tree design. What beach girl wouldn’t!? Buying this bottle has helped me immensely to drink more water because its cute to take around and makes me excited to drink out of it. (So pathetic, but true.) Swell bottles have lots of cute designs like marble, wood, matte etc.


  • Free People Necklace- has been a frequent choice in completing my outfits because it’s dainty and beautiful.
  • Lancôme Lipstick- Lastly, a quick shoutout to my friend Emily for getting me the perfect lipstick for the upcoming spring and summer season. This Lancôme lipstick  called Labsolu Rouge is a perfect shade of a rosy hot pink that isn’t too over powering and compliments my complexion perfectly.

Current read: I was inspired by the movie trailers of “The Girl on the Train” to pick up the book (now made movie) by Paula Hawkins.


I am about a third of the way into the book and I loveeee it. I always enjoy a good mystery novel that keeps me constantly guessing. So far, there has been a lot of build up to figuring out what happened to the wife in the novel. I won’t give too much away, but this book is filled with deceit, love affairs, and drunken mistakes (everything that makes for an enticing story line). Will keep you updated when I finish!

xx Shay

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