Since When Does It Rain In LA?

Since When Does It Rain In LA?

Am I the only one that is confused by this weather lately!? What used to be known as the sunshine state has quickly become a communal meeting place for rain clouds.Now, first of all, I am not naïve to the fact that rain in Los Angeles has been a great thing, given the intense drought we’ve been in the last few years… LA was dehydrated and the rain gods have certainly quenched our thirst this winter. However, I feel after an entire month of this “torrential downpour”, a little venting session may be in order.

What’s the worst part about the rain? Driving in it. You can really test your road skills during rainy weather because sometimes it can feel as if you’re driving blind. When the rain is so heavy and the windshield wipers decide to conspire against you, driving can be near impossible. Also, for some reason, the rain brings out all the dangerous and non cautious drivers. They’re always the ones that are either in accidents or causing them. It is basic driving in the rain 101. Drive slow, leave space between cars, and pay attention when on the road!

I would also like to mention that my wardrobe is not fully capable to handle all this rain! Anyone else having this problem!? California breeds beach lovers and sun worshippers. That means our wardrobe consists mostly of tanks, shorts, and thin material. I have totally been guilty of outfit repeating lately due to my lack of appropriate rain apparel (because why am I going to spend money on rain clothes when it BARELY rains in Cali). My green fur hooded jacket and my one pair of rain boots have felt like an extra layer of skin for me recently, given its the only two items that don’t make me look like a drenched mop after I step outside in the rain.

Earlier this week I decided to wear my black suede booties to work. This stupid decision landed me trekking through 3 inch deep puddles and ruining my shoes. I think it’s time we make full clear body bags socially acceptable to wear out in public. We can punch in a few holes for breathing purposes and never have to worry about a drop of rain getting on us…. or have to deal with those black metal contraptions society calls “umbrellas” (don’t even get me started on those things).

On a final note, regardless of my venting, I do love the rain! I enjoy it when I have nothing to do and can cuddle in my bed, with a steamy hot tea, and a good romantic comedy. However normally, that isn’t the case. Usually when it rains, either work is calling me to come in or I reluctantly have to run important errands. As thankful as I am for the rain, I  am also thankful for it to be passing by. I think we can all agree that some much needed sunshine has been long overdue (especially on my skin because I am as white as my bed sheets lately…).


xx Shay




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