What I’m Into This Week 1.23-1.29

What I’m Into This Week 1.23-1.29

This week’s “What I’m Into” showcases some loud prints and wanderlust inspo due to this depressing rainy weather. I was in need of some color with all these gloomy vibes!


  • Forever 21 Demin Jacket & Black Short Brimmed Hat- Okay lets be real, this is not just a one week obsession– more like an everyday/ every week obsession. I am totally guilty of wearing this Forever 21 denim jacket at least 3 times a week. What makes me gravitate towards a distressed denim jacket rather than a fitted light wash denim jacket, is the effortless details. I love the rips and fades because it makes it look more worn and vintage. I think it is such a flattering and stylish option to complete most outfits. I love pairing it with my short black brimmed hat– especially when I am having a bad hair day (which for some reason has been happening more often than not) -_-


  • Steve Madden Cheetah Boots I know you were all drooling over these cheetah boots. After seeing the responses about them from my Instagram post, I decided I had to share where I got these stunners. They are from Steve Madden and are currently the coolest pair of shoes I own. I have never been one to wear animal prints given I am such a lover of floral and Aztec prints. However, these cheetah boots stole my heart and are such a show stopping piece. Trying to add a little funkiness to my style, and I am loving it so far.
  • Ray Ban Sunnies- My favorite sunglasses right now because I find the round shape and reflective lenses such a flattering pairing. I know Ray Bans can be on the pricey side, but I think they are worth investing in a pair because they can last years if you take good care of them.


  • Hello Adventure Passport Holder- A Christmas gift from my friend Nicole that is  a constant motivation to get moving and start traveling. An encouraging reminder that I need to start planning my future trips ASAP. Of course, the passport is turquoise. My friends know me sooo well!
  • Anthropologie Vanilla Perfume- This perfume has become my signature smell. I have made this my everyday perfume for the last 3 years. Every time I spray it on I get “you smell so good, like cupcakes”. I rarely don’t get a compliment when I wear it, however I make sure to not spray too much or else it becomes way too overwhelming. (No one wants a fume headache every time they come near you)

Thoughts: Recently saw the movie LA LA Land! The fact that it got 7 golden globes had nothing to do with my decision to go see it. OBVIOUSLY, I was enticed by Ryan Gosling (and I know I’m not the only one). The movie was with out a doubt outstanding. I am normally not too keen towards musicals, however this had just the right amount of musical numbers that didn’t put you too sleep or make you wish the singing and dance numbers would stop.

I loved the bright colors, the old Hollywood glam, and most of all I loved the mesmerizing romance between Gosling and Stone. I am the biggest romantic and this satisfied all my lovey dovey needs. Although, my happiness was quickly crushed once the ending of the movie came along. I won’t spoil it, but be prepared for the stinging of tears and the sudden rush of WHYYYYYY thoughts that will make you depressed for days after.

xx Shay

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