9 Valentines Date Ideas for Day/Night

9 Valentines Date Ideas for Day/Night

Love is in the air! The overwhelming amount of roses, chocolates, and pink hearts in every store should be an apparent hint. It’s a clear reminder that Valentines Day is fast upon us! These 9 Valentines Date Ideas will be your remedy for avoiding an overly expensive day and focusing on what really matters: You & Your Babe.

I am not a fan of over priced set dinner menus and crowded places during “hallmark” holidays (however, I am being dragged to one this year), so my day/ night ideas are great for that type of couple that are just looking to do easy and non expensive activities together. Remember, the amount of money that goes into this day is not a representation of how much you love someone. You can’t put a price tag on that. Spend quality time together, make small- but romantic gestures, & use one of my date ideas to make a special Valentine’s Day this year.


Day Date Ideas

  • Picnic on the Beach- This is my FAVORITE V Day date idea! Who doesn’t enjoy a stocked picnic basket filled with mimosas, sandwiches & dessert. The beach will be the perfect location to lay a towel down & bask in the sun while pulling back some drinks together. Typically I prefer to go to beaches that have little caves along the coast. El  Matador is a ideal place for that kind of setting. I suggest setting up the picnic within the cave and make it your own secluded oasis. Mimosas and salty kisses: no better combo.
  • Go Karting, Shooting Range,  or Paint Balling-  This date idea is for the kind of couple that can’t help but banter or compete with one another. A little friendly competition never hurt anyone right? It’s always fun to engage in adrenaline based activities, especially if you add some flirty suggestions. Perhaps, who ever wins has to ….. (use your imagination 😉 )
  • Farmers Market Stroll- Spending the day at the farmers market is a relaxing and intimate way to spend time together. It’s a lets hold hands and shop for trinkets kind of day. To make it even more special and exciting you can browse for a possible fresh feast you both want to make later that night. Plus, if you are closet sample freaks, then there is no better way to feed that guilty pleasure than sampling all the fruit together and deciding which one you like most. My favorite farmer’s market is in Brentwood. They have tonsss of samples, various items to shop, and is just a few streets from the beach!
  • Coastal Bike Ride- It’s active, fun, and an easy go-to day date idea. My favorite place to bike ride is Manhattan beach. They have a long bike trail that connects from Manhattan all the way to Redondo beach. Along the way you can stop for ice cream, do a little shopping, or park the bikes and take stroll down the pier.
  • A Long Drive & Wine Taste After- Oddly enough, some of the best memories you can create together are during long drives. I know that may sound weird, but think about it… It’s where you can have uninterrupted conversation, listen to some good tunes, and adoringly lay your hand on each others thigh while driving. Not to mention, it can become an ideal space for those horrible (yet necessary) singing duets. Sure, most of us can’t even carry a tune, but that’s the best part of it.


Night Date Ideas

  • Go Out Dancing- No rhythm? No problem! Doesn’t matter how awkward your moves may be- going dancing is still an exciting way to spice up Valentines night. It’s an excuse to dust off that red dress you’ve been dying to wear and dance the night away with the one you love. Don’t feel embarrassed if you end up pulling some “Napoleon Dynamite moves” because one of the most cherishable aspects of a relationship is acting silly together.
  • Watch the Sunset- I can honestly say that a sunset date NEVER gets old. The majestic red and orange color tones set the vibe sensationally, while the chilly ocean breeze gives that perfect reason for a close embrace. You can’t get more romantic than that! Oh, wait. You can…  To take the romantic vibes even further… bring both of the Valentines Day cards that you wrote to each other and read it at the beach.  Que cupid and his love arrows because you just hit lovey dovey overload!
  • Cook Dinner & End With a Game Night- This one is for the foodie couple who share a passionate love affair with cooking and eating. Cooking dinner together is a pleasurable experience because of all the yummy smelling aromas, the coziness of your own home, and the pride you take in knowing you cooked your own meal together. It takes the patience and skill of both people in the kitchen to create a delicious tasting dinner! After cooking a meal, the BEST way to conclude the night is by playing your favorite games. I absolutely love doing this because laughing with your partner in an amusing setting is a sweet reminder of why you love being together.
  • Make a Fort and Binge Watch Movies or TV Show- Take all your blankets, pillows, and sheets to create an easy stay at home rendezvous. Shake up the normal routine by channeling your inner kid. Being an adult all the time can become exhausting. Make the night a little more special by creating a cozy and playful setting. Once that is assembled, find a show that you’re both obsessed with and binge watch until the wee hours of the morning. Don’t forget the kettle corn (obviously, it’s the most important aspect of the night)!



xx Shay


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