5 Things I Learned In Mammoth

5 Things I Learned In Mammoth

This past weekend I dusted off my snow boots and headed to the mountains! If you’ve ever been to the snow before, then you know how magical and enchanting it can be. Mammoth was the destination for our snow trip & I couldn’t help but be extra excited given the white fresh power that was awaiting us.

I have been to Mammoth one other time before, but only for a half day snowboarding trip. This trip was different because we really adventured around the area and got to experience more of what Mammoth had to offer. After having an fun-filled weekend here are 5 things that I learned from my stay at Mammoth Mountain. Below is a collection of pictures I took during our trip.


  • Woolly Park Is A Must Do Activity- This was one of the most thrilling/scariest, yet ridiculously fun moments of the trip. With a tube in hand, you get pulled up a 150 feet snowy hill that is reconstructed into 5 lanes. Let me clarify, this is no baby tubing! I was scared to death most of the time because the level of speed that these tubes get when sliding down. Even though there were plenty of 5 year olds going down the hill by themselves, I refused to go alone. Lol. Apart from my lack of bravery, the adrenaline rush was well worth it. It was easily one of our favorite experiences that we got to share all together.


  • Do Not Skip Out On Applying Sunblock Or Wearing Sunglasses- Most people rarely remember to have their sunblock or shades handy during a snow trip. It’s easily forgettable because you assume that since you aren’t by the beach that the sun isn’t as harsh. However, that is clearly wrong. The reflection of the snow is a sneaky culprit for leaving random sunburns on your face. Instead of becoming a magnet for red faces and squinty eyes… don’t forget to keep those essentials close by.


  • Everything Closes Early- This was a little disappointing given it gave us limited options to do at night. Everything, except for restaurants, close between 6-7pm. Like what!? The night is JUST starting at that time. After dinner we weren’t really left with much to do except jacuzzi because everything was closed– the shops, Starbucks, etc.. I would just recommend bringing activities (games) to do or going to dinner later than usual, that way you aren’t left with limited options.


  • Watch For Loose Areas Of Snow- Although fresh power is the best kind of snow, it can also be very dangerous. Of course, my non cautious ditzy self started walking up a snowy hill thinking that all the snow I was walking on was packed. I shortly found out that you have to be careful when treading through snow because of loose powder spots that can turn into sink holes. I got my foot stuck in a 2 feet deep hole that could have resulted in a lot more serious injury. Always watch where you’re walking in the snow!


  • Do Not Take the Scenic Gondola If You Are Deathly Afraid Of Heights- This was an important aspect of the trip that I learned thanks to my scardey cat of a brother in law. If you are terrified of heights (like the kind of terrified where you start shaking and get anxiety), then opt out of this activity. The Scenic Gondola Ride up to the top of Mammoth Mountain is an absolute gorgeous and insane experience, but it can also be terrifying knowing you are almost 12,000 feet above sea level dangling over a mountain by a wire! I am personally afraid of heights, however I usually try anything once even if I’m afraid of doing it. For my brother in law, he gets so terrified of heights that it usually results in him cussing and putting his head down. I think the fact that we were basically flying at the elevation that airplanes fly really freaked him out! With that said, either be prepared or save yourself the anxiety and only take this Scenic Gondola if you really know you can handle it!



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