5 Ways To Spark Creativity

5 Ways To Spark Creativity

Anyone can be creative… and even though that may be a bold statement, I believe it to be true. Think about it. We are constantly using our ideas and imagination when we need to solve problems, find ways to entertain ourselves, or even in casual conversation. Everything you do, see, hear- is igniting creativeness.  So, for those that say “I don’t have one creative bone in my body”, it’s not that you weren’t  blessed with this gene. It’s more that you aren’t using it to your full advantage!

With that said, this post is not going to make someone instantly a creative person (because we already do that every day in little ways). However, these tips will help ignite your creative juices into being used on a larger scale in a more artistic & inspirational way. With these tips you will be able to formulate more imaginative thoughts- making you think outside the box rather than having a linear perspective.


1. Make a Mood/ Visual Board- This is where you can finally put those Pinterest Boards to use! Gather pictures of everything that inspires you, motivates you, represents you, or even emotionally moves you. Either on the computer or on a cork board, collage these images and make a huge inspiration clutter mess. Once this is printed out, use it as a guide to keep your creative ideas fresh. This mood/visual board will be a reminder to think outside your basic everyday routine and immerse yourselvfinto the inspo you created.

2. Write down a List of 100- Pick a specific topic like “100 Things I Am Grateful For” or “100 Ways I Can Achieve My Goal”. Doing this allows you to think beyond your horizon and problem solve in creative ways. For example, most of the time when we write what we are most grateful for the list will include: my family, my dog, a roof over my head, etc… What about writing “I am grateful for the invention of planes to travel” or “I am grateful that I have been blessed with amazing opportunities”. Don’t list the typical, think beyond it.

3. Listen to music- Music is one of the most amazing things that our human race as ever created. (Getting so deep here, lol.) Music is our therapy, our comfort, our muse, our mood setter etc… Music can have a huge impact on how we exercise our creativity. Certain songs always time wrap me to a different place or make me feel a certain way (especially songs by Petit Biscuit). Listen to the lyrics, appreciate the melody and see how a certain rhythm can influence your imagination.

4. Record your dreams- Dreams are a chaotic collaboration of the inner workings of our minds. Our bodies might be in a resting period while we sleep, however our minds our still very much awake.  Dreams lead from one crazy idea to the next. Anything goes in a dream because there is no room for criticism. When we are awake, we don’t allow thoughts or actions to run wild because we subconsciously worry about what society will think. Dreams are our own little safe haven that becomes an outlet for our ideas to run rapid. Record your dreams and see how creative you can really be when you don’t hold back.

5. Travel- I feel like this is one of the easiest ways to spark creativity because anything that puts you outside your comfort zone or enlightens you to a new culture, is making you think a different way from the norm. For example, if you are used to the fast paced city life, escape for a while and go to a place that completely challenges that lifestyle. Head to the open dessert or mountains in order to free your mind and allow for new ideas to pour in. This is especially helpful when you feel in a creative rut.


xx Shay  

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