Coachella Tips & Advice

Coachella Tips & Advice

I Coachella tips at your service! With the start of festival season a mere 3 weeks away… I wanted to ease the stress & provide you with some pointers on how to “Coachella” the right way.

I recruited one of my close friends, Emily Samimi, to help give a little insight to the festival life & tips she has for my readers who are going to Coachella this year. Given she is a 8 year veteran of Coachella life– I can guarantee that her advice will definitely come in handy when it comes to planning what to wear, what to bring, and how to navigate this huge event. Happy Festival Season! xx

(Below are questions I asked her & her responses)

What are the 6 must haves when you go to Coachella?

  • 1. Portable charger: THIS IS A MUST. Your phone is going to die! It’s inevitable. And trust me, you don’t want to waste your time sitting at one of the charging stations. Charge your portable charger every morning & bring it with you! It’s a life saver.
  • 2. Sunglasses: The sun rays make the venue so bright and hot! In addition, there is literally so much dust around. Obviously, since it’s the desert. Sunglasses will shield your eyes from all those dust & dirt particles.
  • 3. Sunscreen: I usually bring SPF 35 because think about it, your outside ALL DAY in the sun. You have to protect your skin, especially if you have fair skin like mine.
  • 4. Hand Sanitizer/ Cleaning Wipes: I always have these close by because literally you are touching things constantly! There is so much dust and sweat that formulate on your skin (making a sort of dirt ring around your face), so the cleaning wipes or hand sanitizer helps to keep you somewhat germ free and refreshed. (I usually get the cucumber smelling ones 😉 ). Also, the bathrooms are so gross and far off from the venue that you won’t want to keep heading over there if you don’t have to.
  • 5. Purse/ backpack/ fanny pack: I usually prefer a mini backpack, that way it’s not bothering my sides or getting in the way of my dancing. I love bringing one so I can easily transport all my necessities.
  • 6. Light cardigan: I know during the day it’s blazing hot, however at night it gets extremely cold. You’ll want to have a light cardigan for later. You can always just tie it around your waist during the day.

How do you navigate seeing all the artists you want?

  • I used to print out all the artists I wanted to see and their set times before I left for the venue. I would individually highlight the artists that were 1st priority in one color and 2nd priority in the other. That became my guide for the day. However, the last few times I went to Coachella I found out that they have this app that you can download which lists the artists playing & gives reminders to when their set time is approaching. That became extremely helpful to have on my phone.
  • In regards to trying to make every artists you want to see– you have to plan it out. For really big artists- if you want a good spot- then you want to go an hour before at least! For some artists, 15 minutes before is fine. However, it is important to not stress or rush the whole experience. For example, if you’re having a really awesome time at one artists’ performance and you realize your other favorite artist is playing in 20 minutes… don’t leave & just stay and enjoy where you are! Don’t feel like you’re missing out. Always live in the moment. Lastly, I would probably say don’t hop from tent to tent all day long. You need to give yourself breaks to eat, rest, and bathroom because it gets really hectic. Also, of course always always have a water bottle in your hand.

What is your favorite part about Coachella?

  • The music at night, of course! But, it’s not just the music… it’s the environment that the music is playing in. The ambiance is what makes Coachella so popular and magical! It becomes like a wonderland. Everything is neon and mystical looking. Each tent you go to, whether it be the Sahara Tent or the Mojave tent, each have a different theme that makes you feel like your island hopping in a way. You get transported to a new place every time you enter a new tent. Basically what I’m trying to say is: the production of the stage is what makes the whole event incredible!

What goes into planning a Coachella outfit?

  • I have a lot of fun when I plan my outfit! It’s funny, because before Coachella was main stream I didn’t really have much concern about my outfit. I used to throw on an American Apparel bandeau, shorts, and some sandals and call it a day! But now it’s turned into “festival style” and the expectations are much bigger. So I definitely put more effort into my outfits now. However, I still choose outfits that are comfortable and practical. Most of the time a romper fits that preference with a few statement pieces to spice it up. A little word of advice, those tight shorts that everyone loves to wear… do you understand how uncomfortable those are! They are skin tight, and get tighter when you bloat from eating, and they ride up. Need I say more? Be cute, but comfortable!!

Do you prefer camping or a house?

  • Camping is only fun if you have a good group of people and don’t care about not showering or mind the sun burning your face awake in the morning. I’ve done camping a few times and after the previous experience where our tent got blown away from the dust storm …. I think it’s safe to say I will be staying in houses from now on.

Models: Schaeffer Carrillo & Sivan Ayla

Photographer: Laura Moll

Tips given by Emily Samimi @iridescent_moonchild

xx Shay

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