Easter Soiree Ideas: Pinterest Inspired

Easter Soiree Ideas: Pinterest Inspired

Spring has finally sprung! That means Easter is just around the corner (and so are those taunting chocolate covered eggs and Bo peeps). Although Easter is a religious holiday, it is also an excuse to dress in bright pastel colors and put on a beautiful brunch soiree!

My sister and I are in the middle of figuring out details of our own family brunch and I decided it would be helpful for my readers to showcase some of my favorite Easter ideas from Pinterest.

Below is a collection of different ideas you can do for your Easter Soiree! Follow my Pinterest account in order to see more of what I have going on 😉

Table Setting Inspo:

  • You want to go for a cutesy whimsical feel for your table setting. Make it bright & floral-y, while including lots and lots of intricate detailing. Obviously these may be a little more elaborate but use it as a guide for how you want to tweak it into your own style.


Egg Decorating Inspo:

  • Let’s change up the basic color die process & get creative & trendy. But, just in case that isn’t possible, I included one for the kids to do as well 😉

Treats Inspo:

  • Food is art in itself. Create a show stopping piece with a gorgeously elaborate cake or some glittering treats.


Easter Outfit Inspo:

  • A day for pastels, floral patterns, or white lace. Embrace your inner girly self & get all dolled up. Honestly, when do we ever get the chance to do this!?

** If you would like the links to the Pinterest pics, let me know & I will add them in 🙂

xx Shay


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