Tips To Know For Your Mexico Vacation

Tips To Know For Your Mexico Vacation
When traveling to a different country, you need to be prepared. Given my recent vacation to Puerto Vallarta, I highlighted a few common and not so common tips to help guide you through your next Mexico trip!

Don’t go too hard on happy hour- Usually I would say that “if you’re like me, then you always go too hard on the first day”, but after seeing how my sister acted the first day of vacation… I’m guessing its a heredity thing lol. Obvisouly, we instantly get really excited… BUT, getting overly excited & over indulging the first day just leads to a horrible first night. The resort we stay at has this amazing happy hour (more like hours) that happens from 11-3pm. The first day lounging by the pool I watched my little sister (who isnt even 21 yet might I add), pull back 4 margeritas. Then as she was heading to the bar to close out her bill, my family & I cringlingly watched as she took 4 more shots with 2 guys she had just met. Day drinking can sometimes be dangerous since it’s a combination of drinking, heat, & dehydration. You have to be careful or else an hour later you’ll end up like my little sister being carried out of the pool while her eyes rolled in the back of her head. Lol.
Keep your customs pass- Keep it in your passport & never move it anywhere else! It’s a small little paper that plays a pivotal role in your chances of ever getting back home. If you happen to misplace it, expect to grab a taxi to the nearest embassy to be issued a new one. This is a hassle that is meant to be avoided at all costs. So, keep the customs pass in a safe place.
Be prepared for seeing Iguanas in the pool- More like steer clear of the alligator looking things! For some reason, it is ”socially acceptable” to have these slithery and spikey looking things swim along side you while you are sipping on a margarita. Oh, you know, so causal right?! If you saw that video on  my instasnap than you know what I am talking about! Locals swear that they are friendly creatures- if left alone and observed from a distance. It’s a little hard to keep your distance when they enjoy a dip in the pool as much as you do!
Have to put towels down in the morning- A tedious, yet crucial task if you want a good lounge/pool day. This means waking up early like 7 or 8am… & laying out the towels along the amount of chairs you want. To ensure prime location, you’ll want to wake up early and beat the other sneaky vacationers who are having the same idea about taking those lounge chairs by the pool bar. It becomes survival of the fittest out there!
Humidity is not your friend- My hair always takes a beating when we go to Mexico. I don’t know why, but it’s like all my hair follicles conspire against me and decide to be obnoxiously flat and sticky the ENTIRE time. I am really big on the texture of my hair & the humidity in Mexico always makes my hair feel greasy and tough compared to how it feels at home. Any suggestions on how to fix this!?
Know how to configure money (18 pesos)- In other words, keep a calculator close at all times. Has anyone else made the mistake where they saw a cute trinket for 100 pesos and was like what $100 for this crap!? What you’ll find out is that you have to first configure the pesos to dollars by dividing everything by 18. So it would be roughly $5. This is important to know when leaving tips or venturing around the street vendors!
Don’t drink the water– We have all heard this before… Many foreigners who visit Mexico know that tap water in Mexico is OFF LIMITS.. Seems very inconvenient, I know, but many resorts and hotels are accommodating and provide purified water bottles or even some have purified tap water. I never knew the reason behind this water ordeal, but after some researching I found out that there is different bacteria in the water in Mexico than in the United States. Given our bodies aren’t used to it, we are bound to suffer digestive problems. Normally I wouldn’t be into labels, but I ain’t being cheap when it comes to my health. Give me all the expensive FIJI bottles!
Bargain the street vendors- You should rarely pay the first price that the vendor asks you to pay. These vendors are trying to make a living so in all fairness I understand why they mark up the price for an item for more than what it’s worth. However, be smart and know that a rinky dink wax necklace is not worth $20. The easiest way to bargain is by being persistant. Don’t budge. If you think that $20 necklace is really worth $10 then stand youre ground and say that you are only willing to pay this price. Either they will cave in (which they usually do) or you find it somewhere else. Side note: don’t you wish we could always bargain everything in life…
Hope these tips serve you well on your next VIVA LA MEXICO VACAY!
Below are pictures from my own personal trip to Puerto Vallarta.
Grand Mayan Resort
xx Shay

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