Fiesta On The Beach

Fiesta On The Beach

I take my birthday very very seriously and love to make it memorable each year! For my 24th birthday I thought a fiesta on the beach was highly appropriate given I was going to be away in Mexico on my actual birthday. Of course, I could have made my set up very practical, but then what’s the fun in that 😉


Planning Process:

I wanted my set up to encompass a fiesta as much as possible. First things first- Pinterest. It’s the best way to generate ideas! I typed in phrases like “beach picnic” & “fiesta themed parties” but most of the fiesta pictures I found were very over the top & catered more to a house layout rather than the beach. So, I decided to mimic more of a beach picnic and give it a Mexican flare (minus the piñata, balloons, and mariachi).  Two goals I wanted for this set up was to make it colorful and incorporate as much little details as possible.  I knew I needed the main focal points like sombreros, Mexican blankets, and maybe a few fun pieces like a cactus etc… I wanted to keep it simple yet stay true to the culture. Figuring out the table was a bit tricky. I wanted something that looked rustic in comparison to a plastic foldable table (that would’ve been tacky). I found a picture of a beach picnic that used a palette as their table & I thought it was the perfect center piece to place everything on top of.


All of my planning was done with a budget in mind. Luckily, I already had a lot of the stuff I needed in my garage– making the cost pretty low. My favorite purchase for my fiesta was the cactus glasses that I surprisingly found at the dollar tree (…really stepping up their game). The palette was tricky to find. Back in my Brandy Melville days we used to steal palettes from Home Depot or the garbage dumps LOL, so glamorous. However, I wanted to find a palette that wasn’t too beat up. Fortunately my sister in law had one at her house that she was willing to let me borrow. The only real cost came from buying the food, in which each girl brought something to contribute.


Well, this was probably the worst part of the day (thank you again Mallory, Nicole, Katerina, Emily & Emily for being such troopers #goodfriends). Imagine traveling down 2 flights of stairs & walking on uneven sand with piles on piles of glass and heavy decorations. I know what you’re thinking “Wow what an evil friend” haha and I totally agree! Literally I think we all got our workout in that day- especially me with the heavy lifting of that insanely huge palette!!

All in all, I think the fiesta celebrations came together really nicely & was a great way to ring in my 24th year!

Below are pictures from my Birthday Beach Fiesta!


xx Shay

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