5 Activities That Can Help You Bond With Your Girlfriends

5 Activities That Can Help You Bond With Your Girlfriends

I can not stress enough how important it is to have girlfriends! They become your righthand when stalking boys on Instagram, creating lies to get out of work, or being there to eat that McDonalds vanilla cone (for the 3rd that week)… Basically girlfriends are everything! They are your therapist, your comedic relief, and the people you enjoy spending your time with.

However, being in your 20s, friends can sometimes be hard to maintain when schedules always seem to conflict. Even though grabbing a coffee may seem like the most doable route to hanging out–fun activities that create bonding time is really important to a friendship. These 5 activities are sure to bring out the laughter and deeper connection between you and your besties.

  • Girls Night Out- Bust out the heels & red lip because GNO is in full effect. Girls night out should be taken very, very seriously! It is the one night that you can leave your troubles at home and feel good about yourself. GNO is not only restricted to single girls, sometimes the ones in the relationships are the ones that suggest a night out!  There are 3 parts to a GNO that should be followed. 1) Need a yummy place to eat dinner 2) some good boos to accompany said dinner and 3) a place to let loose and dance! Recently my friends and I decided to venture out of our daily GNO location radius and headed to Little Tokyo. We ate sushi until our bank accounts couldn’t afford us anymore, drank until we started laughing for no reason, and then bar hoped from karaoke bar to club (they sang Britney Spears of course). Not only was it a good time, but it was a distraction from life’s little hiccups by just being present in the moment with my friends.


  • Wine & Face Masks- Wine nights accompanied with face masks are always a guilty pleasure. Who doesn’t love pampering themselves while drinking a little to get those gossip sessions going. Nights like these are especially necessary if you want to have fun, but cant afford to spend money on ubers, drinks, and a new outfit. The best part of a spa night is exposing your true self to your friends. That means PJs, no makeup, a pizza in one hand with a ranch dipped chip in the other (or in my case a hot cheeto). Nothing is better than not having to try around your friends and it allows you to feel more comfortable around each other.


  • Working Out- I love love when my friends and I can have the day to venture over to Santa Monica and work out. Going the gym can be so tedious, so changing up the location can be an exciting way to spice up those exceptionally dreadful cardio intervals. Doing this together can make you feel supportive of one another in trying to achieve your body goals. It helps to create a bonding moment because you continually encourage each other to not give up and keep pushing forward. I personally love doing the Santa Monica stairs with my friends. When I say love I use that term loosely because I actually feel like committing suicide every time I do it. However, it’s an amazing workout and in close proximity to the beach and all the quant little shops. To give myself an incentive, my friends and I will treat ourselves to a juice at Kreation and than window shop on our way back to the car. I also heard that there is free yoga on the beach every Saturday in Santa Monica–which is def on my to do list with my friends.


  • Day Trips- One of the best bonding experiences! There are so many ways that a day trip together can help build a friendship. It forces you guys to have conversation that is deeper than the normal small talk. Around LA, my favorite day trips are to Laguna Beach, San Diego, or Santa Barbara. All of these are hours away which allows me to get to know my friends a little better during the car ride. Talking about music, relationships, goals, etc.. its a great time to establish a closer relationship. Plus, what is better than spending the day experiencing a beautiful place and enjoying the adventure together! Doing this creates memories that you guys will share forever and always refer back to.


  • Going to a Concert- If you’re into music and this is a commonality between you and your friends, then a concert is definitely a good idea. The atmosphere alone is already an exhilarating time. But, there is something about singing the lyrics at the top of your lungs and dancing together that creates a memorable time. I still playback my experience at Kygo’s Hollywood Bowl performance last summer. I had the time of my life just knowing I was sharing this incredible moment with two people close to me. We still to this day talk about this night!

xx Shay


  1. munguiacn
    May 24, 2017 / 8:51 pm

    Wine Nights and Concerts are definitely my go-to reunions with my girlfriends! I’ve been living abroad for the past 9 months and my friends and I are already planning a concert trip for as soon as I get back! Loved this post, and totally agree!

    • schaeffercarrillo
      May 26, 2017 / 1:02 am

      Omg that is so exciting! Concerts are definitely the best! who doesn’t love dancing to their favorite music… have a blast! xx

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