My Fear of Flying

My Fear of Flying

I might have mentioned this before in a previous post, but just in case you’re all not aware… my biggest fear is flying in planes. Oddly enough, with all the travel I have done in my life– you would think my fear of flying would have diluted already. Nope, it still stresses me out and I cringe at the thought of it every time I know a trip is coming up.

Yes, I have heard the statistics “you are more likely to die from a car crash than a plane crash” or “the odds of a plane crash are every 1.2 million flights”. However, even with these facts the unsettling feeling in my stomach has never seemed to subside.

It’s not like I have ever had a dramatizing experience with flying. It’s more of the “what ifs” that flood my mind & make me squirm in my seat while up the air. I’m that frantic lady that constantly thinks the plane is going to go down while we go through waves of turbulence or think the sketchy person sitting a few rows behind me is going to explode the plane. I can embarrassingly say that I am the worst person to fly with because there are times where I will hyper ventilate, start crying, or give weird cringing looks of discomfort. I HATE FLYING PEOPLE.

I know that the best solution to facing this fear is just to distract yourself– reading books, listening to music, watching movies. I’ll be completely honest when I tell you that none of this helps me. I have faced the fact that I am doomed with hours of anxiety whether I like it or not. I will never forget the first time I flew by myself to Hawaii at age 18. I had this amazing opportunity that sent me to Hawaii to do visuals for the store opening of Brandy Melville. The only catch is I would have to travel alone (definitely did not feel ready for this big girl moment). Of course, on the way there we hit major turbulence going through the air stream. I tried to muster up the courage as long as I could before I finally caved and instantly grabbed the hand of the person sitting next to me. Yes, I grabbed her hand out of no where LOL. There is no shame in my game when it comes to my fear of flying. Luckily, the woman’s hand that I was fiercely squeezing onto was a former flight attendant & assured me how safe airplanes are. Yet, I still can’t shake the nervous feeling of being confined to an aircraft where gravity is the only thing keeping us afloat.


Knowing I am about to endure a painful 15 hour flight… I’m already feeling bad for my friend who has to endure sitting next to me (sorry Kat). I will definitely keep you all updated on what I hope will be an enjoyable flight experience. In the meantime, any suggestions on how you deal with flying is greatly welcomed. Email, comment, or DM me 🙂

xx Shay


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