Amalfi Coast Highlights

Amalfi Coast Highlights

Transport to the most stunning & timeless place you thought only existed in your dreams. Amalfi Coast, Italy is everything I have ever imagined it to be. It completely lived up to its expectation of being one of the most beautiful places in the world. The breathtaking cliff side views were enough to make you rethink of ever coming back home. (Seriously though, this is no exaggeration.) The pristine waters, pastel colors, & of course, ice creams shops at every corner… will forever be embedded in my memories. Oh, & rest assure, I will definitely be back one day!

Below is a list of highlights from our trip, a few tips to know when going, & also the Bed and Breakfast we stayed at.


Rent one of those infamous Positano beach chairs: I’m sure you’ve seen these chairs all over every bloggers’ Instagram, so it seemed only fitting that we do it too! The symbolic blue & orange brimmed umbrellas were definitely worth all the hype. These iconic beach chairs go for about 17 euros a day (for second row by the ocean). My girlfriends & I totally soaked up all those vacation vibes while lounging at this beach. We drank bright colored spritzers, we swam in the bath temp aqua blue water, & even tanned topless. Yup, we did & it was AWESOME. Boobs out, Buns out?! Not to mention, I specifically wore a once piece bikini so I could truly devour a little afternoon snack of pasta & bread by the beach. No shame on this vacation. Give me all the carbs!

The best part about spending the day in Positano was the insane backdrop of pastel colored hotels, restaurants, & bougnvilllas dangling from the cliff side. It was easily an eye catcher & completely mesmerizing.  This day was total relaxation mode & I couldn’t have asked for a better environment to spend my first Italian day at.

Visit Furore (Secret Beach): Easily one of the best days of my entire life was discovering this beach! Furore is something straight out of a fairytale. Honestly, I don’t even feel like it’s really necessary to describe how incredible this beach was because the pictures definitely speak for itself. We happened to stumble upon this beach haven when we were taking a bus ride from Positano to Ravello. I was sleeping while in transit & for a split second I opened my eyes, saw the beach, & instantly screamed for us to get off the bus. It was like it was meant to happen! My girlfriends & I were in complete awe the entire few hours we spent there. It was untouched, majestic, timeless– it was as if you transported to a different time. It was just GORGEOUS. You walk down the steps to the rocky sand, lay your towel down, & just swim in the beautiful water while overhead is a stunning bridge.

As we were dying over the scenery, I had noticed that a handful of guys were cliff jumping from one of the peaks. The last time I cliff jumped was in Laguna about 3 years ago. I had been dying to do it again. So, with that said…what better place to say I cliffed jumped then in Italy, right!? One of the guys was from Milan who was so sweet & kept reassuring me that I “wasn’t going to die” from cliff jumping off this peak. However, looking down at the water definitely made me think other wise. So, as per usual I spent a good chunk of time trying to convince myself into jumping. Then after a little bit of chanting from my “audience” below (legit, at least 40 people watching me)… I decided to do it! Of course it’s me, meaning I can never do anything graceful, so it seemed only natural that I totally fall ass down while jumping. Hey, graceful or not, at least I can say that I still jumped (& have two bruises on my butt to prove it lol).

Go to Music on the Rocks for the nightlife: Hands down, this is a must if you want an exciting night out. We had the most memorable night here (although I won’t get into tooo much detail…). This club is in Positano & lays right along the beach inside of a grotto. It is the coolest club I have ever been to & got even better once I immersed myself in the atmosphere. There are strobe lights, blasting confetti, loud music, over-pours of champagne… the list goes on and on. My friends & I had so much fun  dancing together and mingling (or in my case using google translate to mingle). We may have gotten home at 5 am that night & we may have missed our $50 boat tour the next morning… but hey, bad decisions make for good memories!

Continue below to see the tips to know when going to Amalfi Coast & where we stayed. 




Transportation- There is only one road that goes from Positano to Amalfi & let me tell you it is one hectic road. The only way to get around is by vespa, taxi, or public transportation. Given taxis are expensive, we took the bus almost every where for 1.80 euros each way. It was a cheap & efficient way to commute, however it was also very windy & scary. You would think that since the roads are inches away from the mile high cliffs that the bus drivers would take extra caution and drive slow… of course not. There were more than a few times that I was convinced I was either going to get smacked down by a bus or fall towards my death in the ocean. It makes you a little more thankful for the driving enforcement we have in America. (Never thought I’d say that)

No Haggling the Vendors- Maybe I am just used to Mexico & how it’s a rule of thumb to always strive for the cheapest price but that wasn’t the case here. In Positano, bargaining was quickly shut down. A simple conversation went like this, “How much is this ring?” “The ring is $20” “Okay, will you take $15” “haha, no”. Then again, it could just be that my bargaining skills are a little rusty haha.

Prepare for the Amount of Steps- This is actually a blessing in disguise! Given all the carb eating throughout the trip, the amount of steps to every hotel, beach, & restaurant definitely keeps you in shape. This place is a workout in itself! There is no way to avoid the immense amount of stairs, so be prepared for the sweat sesh you may endure.

Positano Beach Sand- Disclaimer: the sand in Positano feels less like sand & more like lava rocks! Sandals need to be an extra layer of skin while walking along this beach because the pebbles become unbearably painful to even touch.

Positano is Very Touristy- I mean, you’re visiting one of the most desirable & dreamiest places in the world. Obviously, this will bring in the crowds. Although going to Positano is worth every pretty penny, just be prepared for the minimal walking space, compact bodies, & la de da vacationers who have no concept of personal space or common courtesy.

Where We Stayed

Casa Colomba- We absolutely fell in love with our Bed & Breakfast. We couldn’t have asked for a better host, view, or location. However, we could have asked for better accessibility since we had 300 long & dreadful steps to our room each day! Other than that this place was a dream. Our host was named Guglielmo (Gug-lee-a-moe), who was a very sweet & soft spoken guy. I’m almost positive he hated us by the end of the trip given our constant laughing, questions, & loud American voices. Sorry Gugli!

Breakfast was included in the stay which became one of our favorite aspects of the trip. The breakfast terrace overlooked Praiano & had Positano cliffside in the distance. The view was like a painting & we made sure to watch every sunset on our balcony. We also swooned at all the bougnevilla trellises & lemon gardens that were placed throughout Casa Colomba. It made walking the stairs a little more bearable (just a little). Overall, I highly recommend staying here because it absolutely made our Italy trip unforgettable. To check out/book this hotel you can click here.


xx Shay


    • schaeffercarrillo
      August 7, 2017 / 11:35 pm

      Thanks babe! Yes, it’s a must see destination! Incredibly gorgeous its unreal. xx

  1. August 9, 2017 / 3:32 pm

    Loooove all these gorgeous pictures! I hope I can visit there one day. It all looks so dreamy!

    • schaeffercarrillo
      August 9, 2017 / 4:05 pm

      Thank you love! It was so beautiful!!. Made it so hard to leave. 🙄

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