Greece Highlights: Mykonos

Greece Highlights: Mykonos

When people ask me where I had the most fun on my trip, there is no hesitation- Mykonos is always the answer. We loveeeed Mykonos. There is so much freedom & adventure to be had on this island! Emily & I definitely took advantage of this in the 3 days we had there. Although we nearly died of exhaustion… every hour of missed sleep was totally worth it for the timeless memories we created on this island.

Below is a list of highlights from our trip, a few tips to know when going, & also the Air Bnb we stayed at.


Mykonos Town: This quant little town was an absolute dream! The most gorgeous cobbled stoned pathways with white & blue accents everywhere & overflowing bougnevillas. The beauty of this town was honestly a little overwhelming. You didn’t know what to look at first! Every little nook & cranny, every little alley way, was insanely stunning & more beautiful than the next. It was easy to get lost in here because you were constantly being intrigued by something as you walked along. The shops carried the most beautiful stuff I have ever seen- think pom pom galore & beachy chic apparel. Restaurants looked very inviting with their ambiance & delicious aromas. Not to mention, it was almost impossible to not snap a quick pic every few seconds. We literally felt like we were in a dream land!

For one of the nights we decided to walk towards the far side of town to watch the the sunset at the windmills. I expected nothing less than gorgeous buildings & picturesque views… what I didn’t expect was the intense wind storm. For some reason I didn’t put two and two together that windmills obviously meant wind would be close by… With that said, my black floral dress with the high leg slits was totally not wind appropriate. My sunset at the windmills quickly became a game of don’t show my thong to every tourist.

Island Atving: I am definitely not the kind of girl that just likes to shop around. I love to get out there & do something exciting & different! Since Emily has never ATV’d before, it was a must do. It’s very common for everyone to ride ATV’s on the island, so it was super easy to find a shop to rent at wherever you stayed. For the incredibly reasonable price of $30 pp we were given the WHOLE day to galavant around the island on the ATV. They have storage units on the back of the bike for your towels & valuables, which made it very convenient to beach hop. Since we stayed at the south end of the island, getting to best beaches took no time at all. The farthest beach was only 20 minutes away. While riding you get the surreal views of the contrasting white houses & barren land next to the dark turquoise water. It was unreal & undeniably gorgeous.

Playts Gialos Beach: After visiting more than a few beaches, we concluded that this was by far our favorite! Playts Gialos had the clearest & brightest blue color water I had ever seen. This beach offers so many exciting activities for you to do. There are beach beds, restaurants, yatching, water sports–whatever you wanted to do, it was there. Emily & I simply just enjoyed tanning on the rocks & soaking in all the island vibes.

Ornos Beach: In terms of luxury, this beach is more that scene. We didn’t stay long here, but I felt like I should share a little info about this beach because it was just as stunning as the rest– although a little more pricey & upscale for us 20 year olds. The decor was so trendy & creative while the beach beds looks beyond comfy & inviting. I will forsure come back here once I have a little more cash in my pocket lol.

Paradise Beach: Oh Paradise. How do I begin to describe our experience at Paradise Beach at the Tropicana Club. First & foremost, this beach is not the type of beach you go to for beauty or relaxation. This is the beach you go to party at. Many of the Greeks in Athens warned us about this place- most of them saying it “gets crazy”. I must admit they were totally right. It was crazy… but so much fun!!

The atmosphere was insane. It’s full of people partying in their bikinis, drinking like their life depended on it, & everybody dancing on the tables. Okay, okay I know this may not sound too appealing to most people, but honestly it just reminded me of a smaller Vegas day club. Emily & I danced for 4 hours straight on top of one of the little stages (mostly to avoid all the creepy guys down below), & met the nicest Australian couple (shoutout to Brooke & Sam) who we ended up spending the whole night dancing with. Probably one of my favorite parts of the night was when Despacito started playing & everyone went crazy with excitement (myself included).

The only downfall I could say about Paradise is how extremely & unnecessarily grabby the guys are at this club. At least with our experience the guys just grab your hand, force you to dance with them & barely leave you any room to escape. It gets to a point of playing hide and go seek with all the creepy guys around. However, if you do it the way we did it- by claiming a stage & making that your safe zone- you’ll have an awesome time dancing to the good music they blast.

Continue below to read my tips & where we stayed. 


The Islands Are Expensive: Island life is a lot more expensive than I thought. For example, the Freddo Cappuccinos that I always talk about were more than double the price in Mykonos. I guess it’s expected when everything has to be imported to the island, but just make sure to take plenty of cash. We definitely realized we spent a good chunk of our money on the islands than any where else on our trip.

Use Your Common Sense: It’s easy to get caught up in all the fun & excitement happening on the island, but that doesn’t mean you should be reckless. Although it could be tempting, it is not worth the dangerous situations that could possibly happen. Stick together & be smart. You’re in a foreign country- with little cell service & accessibility. It is important to always be aware of your surroundings! Part of what makes Mykonos so much fun is the amount of freedom you have to do whatever you want. This place is one big playground, but that doesn’t mean it’s not important to always take precaution.

Where We Stayed

Ioanna’s Place: We were blown away by the prime location we had with this AirBnb. It was steps from the beach, in the heart of Mykonos town, & was so aesthetically pleasing. The room itself is pretty small, however that is how they all are given the quant & compact structure of the town. To book/ check out this room you can click here.


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