Greece Highlights: Santorini

Greece Highlights: Santorini

When anyone thinks of Greece– automatically Santorini will come to mind. Santorini is the most touristy of the Greek islands & that is solely due to its impeccable appearance. How can one resist cascading architecture, blue top cathedrals, &  iconic sunsets. Santorini is the epitome of romance. Although we were only able to spend 2 days here, I feel like we intently made sure to dip our feet into all of what Santorini had to offer.

Below is a list of highlights from our trip, a few tips to know when going, & also the hotel we stayed at.


Watch the sunset at Oia: This was one thing that I could not miss while being in Santorini! Even when I’m home, I still love a good sunset. Being that Oia is known for being the town that has the most memorizing sunsets– I had to go see it. The sunset in Oia every night is like an event! Hundreds of people gather towards the nearest edge of the town to watch the romantic orange & red skies kiss the ocean. It is an unbelievable sight. The town itself is something unexplainable as well. The pastel & white colored buildings that situate themselves along the cliff while plunging out to the gorgeous blue sea is something you don’t see very often. It was very surreal being in an environment like this!

Cliff Jump at Amoudi Bay: This was actually a last minute decision, but it was the best decision we made here! We drove 20 minutes from our hotel through a long & windy road that led us to Amoudi. Instantly, Amoudi Bay captivates you with the red exposed rocks & insane clear water. It was stunning to say the least. To get to the rock where you can cliff jump you follow an easy dirt path that the locals can direct you too. After a quick topless picture pit stop, we found our selves at the gorgeous location. Without a doubt it was one of the most picturesque places I have ever laid my eyes on & tbh I even cried the next day knowing we had to leave lol. Unfortunately the water was a little more chilly this day because of windy conditions, but we still built up the courage to dive in & jump off the rock. A bunch of people were cliff jumping as well throughout the day so it made us feel secure that this was a spot to do so. There is no question that coming here was one of the highlights of our Santorini trip.

Visit the Atlantis Book Store: While shopping for trinkets & jewelry is always enjoyable… sometimes it’s nice to see something different. The Atlantis Book Store was just that. It is the cutest, smallest, & most interesting area we went into while shopping. It was filled from floor to ceiling with a series of  crammed books from classics, poetry, or even humorous witty books. I know you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but…. it was hard not to because every book there had to coolest & prettiest covers. I didn’t have chance to take a picture inside, but click here to see more.

Continue below to read my tips & where we stayed.


Do not rent a car: Although entirely more convenient & efficient… the level of stress when renting a car is not even worth it. Especially, if you land up with a car like ours that had a mind of its own! For example, our car would drive backwards even though the accelerator was on forward or annoyingly refuse to go up any hills. I decided to not even try driving the smart car we had given I just knew something would go wrong. There was more than a few times that I thought Emily was going to take a baseball bat to the car with the level of stress it was giving her, but thankfully we returned the car without getting a scratch on it (that’s a lie). Just a recommendation: unless you feel comfortable renting a car- I would opt for a four wheeler or taking the bus.

Tourist Crowds: As I said before, Santorini is the most touristy island in Greece. That means every one is incapable of walking more than 5 seconds without snapping a photo & there are waiting lines if you want certain scenery photos. It was busy to say the least, so just prepare for the abundance of people during the summer. Although a stunning island, the crowds do somewhat diminish its appeal.

Where We Stayed

New Haurola in Fira Town: We were very pleasantly surprised with how clean & nice our hotel was. Given the price was sooo cheap, we forsure thought there had to be a catch. However, it really was just a beautiful hotel with a great location. We decided to stay in the town 20 min away from Oia, called Thira. We were really satisfied with the location because it was less busy than Oia & had tons of restaurants & shops just around the corner. We noticed that there were more locals that stayed in this area which gave a more cultural element to the spot.

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