Succulent Themed Baby Shower

Succulent Themed Baby Shower

This past weekend was a busy cluster of flowers, crafts, & tons of baby onesies. Although struggling today with pure exhaustion… I am happy that the shower for my sister (Kyra) and my sisters’ sister in law (Stephanie) turned out beautiful! It was a successful celebration for the soon to be arrivals, baby Landon & baby Raye!


Below are the details of the shower:

Theme: Kyra and Stephanie decided to have a joint shower because 1) they would be inviting the same people and 2) they are so close in due date that it only seemed natural to have one together. Given that the babies are a boy & a girl, the theme had to be neutral– meaning not an overwhelming amount of pink or blue (thank gosh). They decided that earthy tones & succulents would be the perfect fit. It was neutral, had a boho feel, & was a pretty aesthetics for a Sunday morning.

Flower Arrangements: This took me lots and lots of pinning & lots and lots of changing decisions in order to get the flower arrangements perfect. Heading the to flower mart the day before the shower, I had in mind the color palette I wanted to use– peach, green, white, and pink– but I just didn’t know how I wanted to execute it. With the help of one my friends Emily we finally found pieces of the puzzle. I decided on Baby’s Breath, Eucalyptus, Roses, & Hot Pink for that added wow factor.

Cake: The naked cake was just as delicious as it was gorgeous. If you don’t know what a naked cake is, it’s when the frosting is lightly spread across the cake that leaves exposed areas giving it that “naked” appearance. They got this cake made in Valencia by Cake Goodness. The flavor was cinnamon crunch with cream cheese frosting. It tasted like a cinnamon role in every bit.

Succulent Party Favors: Kyra & Stefanie got their hands dirty and each hand soiled & hand picked each succulent for the party favors. They thought it would be a great way to tie in the whole theme. They added the message “Watch Me Grow” to correlate a baby’s growth with a plant’s growth. Such a cute idea.



xx Shay


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